About the company:

HDS is a globally-oriented industry logistics service provider with a concentration on fulfillment, technical support and vending machine logistics. Our clients worldwide trust us with the products from all areas of specialized industrial goods, consumer machines, and spare parts, as well as general merchandise for e-commerce.

We support national and international corporations from our EU and US locations. We take on the supply chain process, so our customers can concentrate on their core business.

About the position:

This position does not require a specific regional presence. If you meet the qualifications below and are motivated to join HDS, we encourage you to apply regardless of where you are located.

As Country Manager USA, you will have the opportunity to grow and lead an innovative business development plan for a growing sector. Your duties will include:

  • Representation of HDS North America.
  • Build-out of business activities and client base in the United States.
  • Coordination and support of supplier network.
  • Support of HDS clients.
  • Processing and fulfillment of client requests and orders.

About your qualification:

We are looking for a self-motivated leader to take on the representation and growth of our US operations. You should:

  • Have a background in logistics management with at least 5 years of leadership experience.
  • Possess strong communication skills in both English and German.
  • Possess competencies in industrial skills and processes.
  • Strategic competencies, result-oriented working methods, high efficiency and attention to detail, sense of responsibility
  • Flexibility, proactivity, ability to work on your own as well as within a team (also in a virtual team)
  • Strong networking skills, sound regional competence, and solid know-how in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Experience in international project management and very good problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to undertake business trips on a regular basis