NOTE TO APPLICANTS: For this opening, please do NOT submit your application directly via the GACC Talent Network. Rather, please email your application to the address provided at the bottom of the job description.

Job Description: GACC-CO Executive Director

General Responsibility:
As the chief paid executive officer of the German American Chamber of Commerce – Colorado (GACCCO), the Executive Director is responsible for daily operation of the Chamber office and staff, the support of major GACC-CO events, budgetary and financial management, furnishing leadership within the Chamber and the community in order to help create a favorable "business and living" environment and to help develop and guide an active program aimed at improving business-civic conditions. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors and reports directly to the President on a regular basis.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Characteristics:
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English and German, with strong attention to detail.
• Requires job enthusiasm and desire to help reach the organizational goals.
• Working knowledge of MS Office Suite, as well as the ability to navigate back-end web content management
• Must understand financial processes used in non-profit organizations.
• Strong organizational leadership skills.
• Demonstrated promotional, development and marketing skills.


• College degree in business administration, management or other business-related field, or equivalent experience.
• Professional proficiency in the German language.
• Three years’ experience in related work.
• Management, payroll, and oversight experience with staff, contractors, and/or volunteers
• Experience in using a CRM and/or membership database, such as Salesforce
• Experience in using an accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online
• Experience in backend website work (Wix or WordPress) and social media

Other Specific Duties:

1. Program of Work
The Executive Director executes and guides the development of the Chamber's overall "Program of work." Is responsible for carrying out this "Program of Work" with the aid of staff, interns, officers and committee members, and within the policy framework adopted by the Board of Directors. Manages preparation for and operation of annual Christkindl market. The Christkindl market is the GACC-CO’s annual major fundraising event and require a very significant amount of effort (much of it hands on) and coordination in the months leading up to and during the month-long event. This will require management of an event manager and assistant manager, coordination of Christkindl market vendors and acquiring sponsors for all events. The Denver Christkindl market attracts 450,000+ guests each year.

2. Board Interaction
Prepares for and attends all Board meetings. Recruits, develops and supports Board Members. Partners with the President and Board of Directors to determine the vision, strategic direction and financial objectives of the GACC-CO. Leads the GACC-CO in effectively achieving its mission and goals. Works closely with the Board President to manage day-to-day activities of the organization, implement and fulfill Board directives.

3. GACC Headquarters Interface
Liaises with the GACC headquarters in Chicago and Chapter Coordinator to ensure that the GACC Colorado Chapter adheres to guidelines and enhances its standings within the global GACC organization. Works to receive an optimal level of support from the GACC parent organization, including marketing, development, conference, and delegation support.

4. Committees
Assists the President and Officers in selecting qualified personnel for committee work. Directs or organizes specific projects for committees, and works with the President, Officers and Committee Chairpersons to ensure that committee functions are carried out. Arranges for meetings, and assists committee chairpersons in the preparation of notices, reports, etc. Gathers data and materials for use by committees in order to help them carry out assigned tasks. Ensures that minutes are taken at the Board of Directors meeting, Board of Directors Executive meetings and committee meetings.

5. Policy
In consultation with the Board of Directors or any Executive Committee, plans long range policies for achievement of important Chamber and community goals. Reviews proposals and projects originating in committees, and then places them on the agenda for Board action (with recommendations). Works with staff and committees for implementation of approved proposals or projects. Coordinates work of all committees, divisions and/or departments.

6. Personnel
The current paid staff of GACC-CO consists of the Executive Director, a full time Event Manager and a full time Assistant Manager. The remainder of the staffing for events consists of seasonal staff, such as the Bar Manager(s) and Production Manager for the Christkindl market, volunteers or contractors. Nonpaid Interns are also used when available.

The Executive Director is responsible for supervising all staff and personnel. The Executive Director is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and discharging of all employees. Organizes staff and directs the Chamber office. All employees and interns report directly to the Executive Director who shall evaluate each employee, at least one time annually, and within prescribed brackets of the budget. The Executive Director sets the staff’s duties.

7. Social media and website
Incumbent will be responsible for managing the organization’s website (TYPO3 and Wix) and social media, or delegating this responsibility to a staff member.

8. Finance
Is responsible for general management of the organization's finances. Prepares annual budget in conjunction with the staff. Develops general plans for meeting the budget. Submits budget for approval to the Board of Directors. Approves all specific expenditures coming under the budget adopted by the Board. Directs office maintenance, including replacement of equipment, and directs purchase of additional equipment and the keeping of proper financial records. Ensures the Chamber’s 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status is current.

9. Membership Maintenance and Recruitment
Oversees the direction of all membership efforts of the organization and record-keeping for such purposes. Prepares and/or has prepared and maintains reports concerning membership and finance for officers and directors. Directs the handling of correspondence to members regarding membership status or change in status.

Devises and implements membership recruitment strategy. Increase membership as established by the Board of Directors for the next calendar year. New membership should be focused on locating primarily small business and corporate members.

10. Member and Public Relations
Develops and implements comprehensive communications with all GACC-CO members and broader community. Ensures that all members have a voice within the GACC-CO, and that all activities are properly communicated well in advance of their dates. May delegate assignment of correspondence workload to office staff. Directs the preparation of official publications of the Chamber such as newsletters, news releases, or other methods used to disseminate information.

Ongoing participation and leadership in relations with key regional community institutions and international bodies in order to advance the goals of the GACC-CO and support its initiatives. When required or requested, represents the Chamber of Commerce at meetings of other organizations. May make a public address or secure other speakers concerning community and Chamber activities. Counsels and advises the Board of Directors on developments affecting the business community. Reviews and evaluates legislation, pending or proposed, which will have an immediate or future impact on Chamber goals and policies and refers to proper committee, division or department for study and future action.

11. Economic Development
Creates a favorable business climate and ensures balanced economic growth of the German business community. Is responsible for carrying out a planned program with the aid of staff, officers, and committee members and within the policy framework adopted by the Board of Directors.

12. Compensation Range
Market competitive and commensurate with experience.

Manager's Evaluation and Review:
The Chamber's Executive Director. will be evaluated annually by the President in conjunction with the Executive Committee, and their findings and recommendations will be brought to the Board of Directors, after which the President will meet with the Executive Director to review his/her performance.

Measurement of Effective Performance
• Budget goals are met.
• Member recruitment and retention goals are met.
• Project and events meet or exceed budget goals.
• The Chamber has a good image in the community as measured by member satisfaction retention rate, and participation in programs/events.
• Annual Priority Goals set by the Board are accomplished.

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to einsle (at)